Rental FAQ’s

When do rental fees begin for my equipment rental?

9am the day after collection.

When do rental fees finish for my equipment rental?

Rental days finish at 5pm each day; however if the equipment is delivered back to Megavar Rentals before 9am, the rental will still finish at 5pm the previous day.

Is there a minimum rental value?

Yes, we have a minimum invoice value of $150+gst for each rental.

Do you match competitors quotes?

Yes in fact we will beat them by 10%. See our “Special Offers” tab at the top of each page for the details on how this works.

Do you deliver? If so how much will it cost me?

Yes we certainly can. For exact cost of delivery to your location, e-mail us. Urgent delivery, or unusual or remote locations, may cost extra.

How quickly can I have the equipment?

Once you place your order, we will deliver or have the equipment ready for you to collect the same day, usually within an hour for most items (subject to availability, volume and configuration).

Which courier service is most economical?

In most cases the overnight service will be a lower cost than the rental fees incurred whilst the equipment is in transit on economy freight options such as “Road”.

If I accept a weekly rental rate, but return the equipment early, can I receive a credit?

No. Weekly rental rates are more competitive rates for longer term rental. Weekly rental rates are quoted on the condition of a minimum of 7 days of rental.

What happens if I accept a weekly rental rate, but need the equipment longer?

Please call your Mega Rentals contact. In most cases this will be fine, and the per day rate (at the lower weekly rent rate) will be charged; however, at times operational or other rental commitments may require the return of the equipment.

Are weekends classed as rental days?


Is technical support available?

Yes, additional services such as onsite set-up, advanced operation, data download, reporting, testing and commissioning services can be provided at an additional cost.
Please call your Mega Rentals contact to find out how we can help.

Is product training available?

No, we don’t provide training on the equipment we rent.

Is all gear available for dry hire?

No, some equipment requires an operator for safety or military classification reasons. This includes the FLIR GF306 and the 500kV resonant test set.

Can I purchase any of the items available for rent? Can I purchase new equipment?

Yes, you can purchase either current stock equipment or new equipment.
Please call your Megavar Rentals contact to find out how we can help.

Who is responsible for loss or damage?

You are responsible for all loss or damage incurred from the moment the items leave our store to the moment they are received back, regardless of how the loss or damage is caused, who causes it, and regardless of what freight method is used, even if the freight is organised by us.
It is h6ly recommended that you contact your insurer and obtain sufficient insurance to cover any loss or damage. Insurance of the rental equipment is your responsibility from the moment the equipment leaves our stores.

Are your instruments calibrated?

Yes, most are calibrated annually or in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. In some cases manufacturers do not require calibration, hence certificates will not be available. These may be calibrated upon request and additional costs will apply.

How do I pay for rentals, consumables, options or purchases? 

We accept EFT, PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Bank Cheque, Cash or Trading Account (approval required).

What will Megavar’s rentals personnel require from you to provide a quotation?

Dates for hire
Equipment required, or be able to explain your application
Your freight account details or preferred shipping method
Shipping address
Contact details- name, phone numbers, email address

What are the fine print terms and conditions of rentals?

Megavar’s Rental Terms can be found under our “Terms” tab at the top of each page.