Ultra TEV Locator


The UltraTEV Locator™ is a fully portable, multi-functional system for investigating and recording PD activity in unprecedented detail.  It comprises a central unit with multiple sensors and dual probes, plus a range of accessory options to increase its versatility even further.  It consists of a central unit with six sensor technologies and dual probes in a single package.  The accuracy and versatility of the UltraTEV Locator™ derive from employing six sensor technologies in a single package. The addition of sensors which measure environmental variables which are known to affect PD activity greatly increases the value of measurements.


Ultrasonic sensors are built into one probe, to detect and measure surface PD activity.  A Flexible Sensor extended microphone is provided to enable measurements to be taken in hard to reach locations.  An Ultrasonic contact probe is provided to measure surface PD in sealed enclosures. The contact probe is magnetic for ease of application.  The central unit converts ultrasonic signals to the audible range, so operators can listen to PD activity through the headphones provided.


Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) sensors are built into each probe, to detect and measure internal PD activity.  Time-of-flight measurement between the two probes enables the system to locate PD activity to within 10cm (0.3ns).  To help when conducting the time of flight measurement, one of the probes is magnetic.


PD activity in cables is measured using a Radio Frequency Current Transformer (RFCT) sensor, which plugs into the central unit.


The central unit includes a sensor to measure ambient temperature.  The probe can be plugged into the unit to measure spot temperatures.

Humidity / Pressure

The central unit measures the atmospheric pressure and relative humidity of the operating environment.

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