TD60 60kV Tan Delta Set


TD60 - High Voltage VLF Tan Delta System - Cable Diagnostics

The Tan Delta (TD) measurement systems are used in conjunction with the HVA VLF generator to perform extremely accurate measurements of the dielectric responses from the device under test. Tan Delta (loss angle) measurements are a valuable diagnostic tool used to sensitively and repeatabily measure the condition of a high voltage dielectric; enabling asset owners to grade the health of their assets.

The test engineer can now detect insulation defects before the cable fails in service.

Tan Delta tests are easy to perform and don’t require highly trained operators. The measured data is safely transmitted to a nearby personal computer using BluetoothTM technologies.

Operational Features

  • Excellent predictor of overall dielectric condition
  • Repeatable and sensitive measurement
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Simple test procedure and automated data capture
  • Direct high side measurements at DUT
  • BluetoothTM communications to PC
  • Automatic data recording
  • Simple analysis of measured data
  • Bundled software to record, store, graph and report measured data
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