RФI Remote Bonding Tester 4022C


The Model 4022C is a mains and (internal) battery operated milliohm meter used to check the continuity of connections within an earthing system over large distances.

The small carry case houses a power source which injects a measureable current directly into a grounding system or earth grid. Measurements are taken with a durable pistol grip probe and the results are displayed on a handheld readout which is on the end of the probe lead.

The internal battery gives the operator greater portability and choice when selecting a location for connecting to a 'Main Earth Bus'. This means that continuity measurements may be taken from any vantage point without the need for a mains supply connection.
We can also supply extension cables up to 100 metres on a drum so that the continuity can also be measured over a long earthing structure from one reference.

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