RФI Freq 8kVA Injection Set 4041+4042


The Model 4041 is the largest of our switch mode current injection sources used for injection based testing.  

This 3 phase unit works on the identical principle of operation as the 1.5 and 2kVA systems, however the 4041 in conjunction with the 4042 coupling transformer have been specifically designed to perform current injection tasks over very long haul and demanding environments.

With our 4025E frequency selective multimeter, soil and ground profiling will be easier with GPS positional information available on both units. Another advantage of this is the ability for the units to synchronize phase readings, thus reducing the cabling required when performing current split or branching measurements and it also provides relative positioning information so that the operator may choose the best line of potential measurement during EPR tests to avoid mutual coupling.

The Earth loop or grounding system potentials and impedances are measured with the 4025E multimeter which is fixed to the current injection test frequency.

Model 4042 is our largest coupling transformer, with eight secondary taps rated to 8kVA. The 8 taps on the 4042 allows the user to adjust the injection voltage and current to a desired value via individual tap settings whose impedance ranges from 1 to 80 Ohms. 

When the correct tap is chosen and the tap menu settings on the Injection unit is set to the same value, the amplifier will see a large reflected load and will deliver maximum power through this tap to drive current around the earth loop.

As with the lower power units, the primary of the coupling transformer is driven by the Model 4041 Injection Unit up to a nominal 320V. Inside the 4042, various secondary taps are fed back to current and load sense circuitry. These circuits monitor the load and impedance conditions constantly and reflect all status information back to the injection unit. 

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