RФI 1.5kVA Injection Set 4023+4024


The Model 4024B is a switch mode voltage source that is used with the Model 4023 Coupling Transformer to produce a high current low voltage or high voltage low current in an earth loop. The current from the Model 4023 is coupled into the earth loop being investigated via a selectable multi-tap output.

Frequencies from 45Hz to 65Hz can be generated and the voltage drops around the earth loop are measured with the Model 4025D tuneable multimeter.

In most cases the operator will try to inject the maximum current into the earth loop being tested since that gives maximum signal for the Model 4025. For that reason the 4023 has tap settings for earth loop impedances from 0.5 OhmS to 40 OhmS which covers most test situations.

For impedances outside this range the earth loop current will be less than maximum but still sufficient for testing purposes.


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