HVPD – Mini Monitor


Partial Discharge activity is produced by the localised electrical breakdown of a portion of the insulation between two electrodes that does not completely bridge the gap between them. PD activity is indication of ‘incipient’ faults in the insulation and is widely regarded as the best ‘early warning’ indicators of the deterioration of medium and high voltage insulation.

The HVPD-Mini Monitor is a 4-channel Partial Discharge test and monitoring device.  It is suitable for short term PD monitoring of all types of medium voltage (3.3kV to 45kV) plant.  PD data is available every 30 minutes via a built-in GPRS (3G) modem, alternatively local flash memory can store up to 6 months of data.


  • Low-Cost 24/7 PD monitoring technology for MV cables, switchgear & other plant.
  • Incorporates up to 4x portable PD sensors - 2x HFCT for PD detection in cables, and 2x TEV sensors for 'local' plant/switchgear PD detection.
  • Measures and logs both cable PD and 'local' PD (magnitude & count).
  • Stores up to 6 months of data on local flash memory.
  • Generates a PD 'Criticality' measurement (0-100) with 7x colour-coded PD levels.
  • Downloads PD data every 30 minutes via RTU SCADA, 3G GPRS and/or other comms systems.
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to set up unit for portable installations.
  • Incorporates 'Precedence Detector' functionality for cable & TEV PD signals to provide directional data on detected sources of PD.
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