Doble PDS 100


Handheld partial discharge (PD) detection without the need for costly outages for quick surveys in live substations.

The PDS100 is an RFI surveying tool that is designed for use in a live substation. Without the need for outages or special connections, the unit can detect partial discharge (PD) in just a few seconds thus making it an ideal tool for a condition based maintenance (CBM) program.

Whole substations can be surveyed and analyzed. The PDS100 is the perfect tool to detect and locate sources of PD.

  • Safe and effective method for PD detection
  • Can identify and locate defects using RFI technology
  • For non-invasive routine surveys of substations
  • Ideal for every service or test team
  • Advanced user-friendly diagnostic tool
  • Perfect tool for a Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program
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