CP-CU1 Earth Testers


Multifunctional coupling unit for the CPC 100

The CPC 100 + CP CU1 measure line impedances and k-factors on overhead lines and power cables. Ground impedances can also be determined on large systems with the CP CU1, as well as touch and step voltages. Mains frequency malfunctions do not influence the measurements, as the CPC 100 + CP CU1 use variable output frequencies for measurements. This enables extremely precise and reproducible measurement results. To increase safety for the test engineer, the CP GB1 grounding unit is supplied with the CP CU1. This can divert currents of up to 30 kA if its voltage limit value is exceeded.

Key Features
Measurement is not affected by mains frequency interference - extremely precise measurement results are obtained Compliance with the strictest safety standards for overhead lines and cables connections -
diverting currents up to 30 kA
Easy to handle - heaviest component: 29kg
Automatic logging: Results are recorded automatically by the software

The following values can be determined using the CT Analyzer:

  • Line impedances and k-factors of overhead lines or high-voltage cables
  • Ground impedances of large systems
  • Step and touch voltages
  • Mutual coupling of parallel overhead lines
  • Coupling of power lines into signal cables
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