C-Scope MXl/MXT Cable Locator


C.Scope MXL Locator & MXT Transmitter

Used alone the C.Scope MXL Locator offers high speed and accurate detection of most buried services.  When used in conjuction with the MXT Transmitter and accessories, the MXL Locator becomes a high performance pipe and cable locating and tracing package that will allow long distance and highly selective tracing to be achieved.

The C.Scope feature four detecting modes for a wide range of field applications:

  • The POWER mode detects live buried electricity cables by detecting the elctro-magnetic field generated by the electrical current itself.
  • RADIO Mode detecs re-radiated 'radio' type signals that are often present on metal pipes and cables allowing their position to be determined by using the MXL alone.
  • The TRANSMITTER mode detects the signal applied to a metal pipe or cable by the C.Scope MXT Transmitter.  Three different frerquencies are dtectable; 33kHz, 8kHz or ultra low 512/640Hz signal.  the depth of the pipe or cable can be displayed at the press of a button.
  • Finally the new ALLSCAN mode detects ALL frequencies of a signal from the lowest power signals right up to and including 33kHz.  This mode can detect unusual frequency signals often overlooked in other modesand can speed up the location process with just one sweep of the site. 


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