AEMC 10A Ductor


The 6250 Micro-ohmmeter is used to perform low resistance measurements from 0.1µΩ to 2500Ω.  The unit has seven ranges with test currents from 1mA to 10A.

For measurements a four-wire Kelvin configuration eliminates test lead resistance and therefore gives a measurement accuracy of 0.05%.  In addition built-in filters remove any AC signals.

The model 6250 Micro-ohmmeter is packaged in a sealed case well suited for field use.  Power is provided by a long-life NiMH battery pack with a built-in charger (110/220V).

The unit features an easy-to-read liquid crystal display (5.7 x 10cm).   It displays the value of resistance, metal type, reference and ambient temperatures (if selected), alarm conditions (if selected), test current and range and test mode (resistive, Inductive or Auto).

For operator safety and instrument protection, the micro-ohmmeter is fuse protected at the inputs.  Two fuses accessible behind the front panel, protect against stored energy in inductive loads.

Enhanced internal circuitry protects against possible inductive kickback when the current is shut off.

A built-in thermal switch protects the micro-ohmmeter against overheating on the 10A range when in continuous use.

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