100A 3 phase Meter Tester


The Model 689 is a fully digital meter tester using a microprocessor to carry out all measurements and also calculate meter errors to 0.1% or 0.05% accuracy. 

The Model 689 has a 3 phase switch mode current source. For testing direct connected meters to 100A there are 6 large 6mm sockets on the front panel. Testing C.T. meters to 10A is done using the multi pin “CURRENT” socket on the front panel.

The optional Model 3028 clipon C.T.s have basic phase and ratio accuracy of 0.2%, which allows accurate testing of direct connected polyphase and single phase meters without disconnecting the meter wiring or interrupting supply to the customer.

Up to 100 test records can be stored for later downloading to a PC. The chassis of the 689 is fitted in a rugged transit case using rubber mounts to protect it against rough handling in the field. There are carry handles at both ends of the case.

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